Experience the quality and professionalism of our musicians. The Orlando Big Band has some of the finest musicians available. It takes experience and dedication to recreate the sounds of the 30s 40s and beyond.

Professionals from all aspects of the musical genre have come together to form one of the finest Big Bands. From retired military musicians with over 25 years training, instructors from many colleges and schools, to professionals mastering their craft through music, the Orlando Big Band has the horses to get the job done.

The sound of the band is reminiscent of the band greats like Shaw, Goodman, Krupa, Anthony, Calloway and more. Direct recreations through a vast library of transcribed charts done by the finest in the business. Don't miss any opportunity to enjoy this incredible band. 


Our band leader

Orlando Big Band

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Bennett Harmon is President of Band Preservation, Inc. Bennett plays in all ensembles and leads the Orlando Big Band.

He can be reached by email: